Chaperone Background Check

Chaperone Background CheckĀ  Information

Chaperone/Volunteer background checks are conducted through the Secure Volunteer BIB portal. The process is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. Once the background check has been submitted it may take weeks for the final approval. Once you receive that final approval, please contact Monte.

This is an annual process and must be repeated every year. See directions below.

secure volunteer 1

Go to the Secure Volunteer website to start the process. You will see Asheville City Schools listed next to the logo.

Click the Volunteer Now button.

secure volunteer 2

Choose “Chaperone” as the option.


secure volunteer 3

Fill in ALL of the blanks along the way.

When you get to this page, choose “SILSA/Asheville High” and answer the rest of the questions.

If you have another student at the same or a different school, click the “Add another school” option and fill in their information too.

Click “Continue.”


secure volunteer 04

Once you’ve answered all the questions you will arrive at the “Thank You” screen. There’s a blue button (not in this screenshot) you click to exit the process.

You will receive emails at the address you provided letting you know it’s been submitted.

You will receive an email in a few weeks verifying you have passed the background check. Contact Coach Decker to let her know.

Renewing your Secure Volunteer application

Your Secure Volunteer status must be renewed annually. You will receive an email letting you know in advance.

secure volunteer 5

Inside that email, you’ll find a link to “start a new application” to renew your application. It will bring you to the screen shown above in step 1.

Click the blue “Volunteer Now” button and follow all the steps listed above.

secure volunteer 6

During the renewal process you’ll get an information box that says you’re “volunteer ID card is about to expire…”

Click the blue “OK” button.

secure volunteer 7

A new box will show “Please Confirm you Information” and will list it out. Follow the directions on this screen to “Continue” (yes, everything is correct) or “Close” if information needs to be edited.

Continue with the rest of the steps listed above until you arrive at the final “Thank You” page.

Wait a few weeks and then when you receive email confirmation that your background check has been approved, contact Coach Decker to let her know.

secure volunteer 8