Cougar Classic

AHS/SILSA Speech & Debate Cougar Classic

The Cougar Classic is AHS/SILSA Speech and Debate team’s home tournament. As the tournament hosts, we are responsible for judging the student events, awarding the winners, and showing off AHS/SILSA’s amazing Speech and Debate team. The Cougar Classic takes place on November 19, 2022 – the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Volunteers & Donations Needed

As the event host, AHS/SILSA provides judges, food, and services to facilitate this amazing day.

Current Needs (updated 10/21/2022):


We need to supply all the judges for this event. 30 in total. Click her to register:

Judge Sign-Up Form – Click Here

  • Judges 13 of 30 40% 40%

Financial Donation for Food

Money for Restaurant donations – several local places like Luella’s, Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack, Blue Dream Curry and Carrabbas have given us great discounts and/or made donations of yummy treats for the judge’s lounge. We need 9 more people to step up and donate $100 each to offset our costs for judges’ food and concessions (pizza and more.) Simply use this QR code or Venmo Asheville High Speech and Debate Boosters @AHSSpeechDebateBoosters.
Please designate your donation as being for Cougar Classic expenses.

  • Financial Donations for Food 40% 40%

Fruit Salad and Non-salad Veggie Side Dishes (to serve 30)

You don’t want your judges to make a bad call because of scurvy do you? We need 5 fresh fruit salads and 7 delicious veggie sides.

  • Fresh Fruit Salads 30% 30%
  • Veggie Sides 20% 20%

Mac and Cheese or something similar for an army

We need 3 people to each make a HUGE baked dish of this. People in our district have specifically requested this. And you know Luella’s BBQ and Rocky’s chicken go great with that.

  • Mac & Cheese 100% 100%

Food (Misc.)

You can find the individual food items on the sign-up form (link above). Here is a catch-all progress bar for the rest of the food needed.

  • Food (Misc) 30% 30%

Be a Door Dasher, only cooler for the day

We need 2 people to take an early morning shift (6-9 am) and 5 people to take an afternoon shift (10-2:30) picking up food/coffee from local restaurants and delivering it to the loading dock behind the cafeteria. You can rock out to great tunes and have a crew of smart kids who will gratefully meet you at the loading dock to carry your haul in. Then you’re back out for another run. And another…

  • Door Dasher – Morning Shift 100% 100%
  • Door Dasher – Afternoon Shift 40% 40%

Concessions Workers

We need responsible adults (yes, you!) to help in the cafeteria selling food to students. 500 kids are going to be hungry and wanting good food, and you’ll get to be in charge of money. We have shifts to suit your preference and our own student team members there to help you, too.

  • Concessions Workers 75% 75%

Services (Misc.)

You can find all the non-Concessions help opportunities on the sign up form (link above). Here is a catch-all progress bar for the rest of the services, clean-up, etc. help needed.

  • Services (Misc.) 50% 50%