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Speech and Debate tournaments are where AHS/SILSA Speech and Debate students shows their prowess. We travel to various schools around the state and perform speeches and debate current events. We even attend a tournament at Harvard University.  We encourage (very strongly) parents to become judges and attend tournaments with our team. Take a look at the schedule below and sign up for a tournament today!

There is a fee for students to attend a tournament. Each student gets a Golden Ticket (one pre-paid tournament fee). All other tournaments must be paid for. If you judge a tournament, the tournament fee is waived.

Tournament Schedule

Asheville Speech and Debate Schedule

Tournament Signup

Judge & Bus Driving Sign Up

Tournament Payments

You can pay for your student’s tournament online or by sending in cash or check to the school. Checks can be made out to AHS/SILSA Speech and Debate.

Online Tournament Payments

AHS/SILSA Transportation Policy

  • Students are to ride the activity bus unless they are being taken in a separate vehicle driven by their own parent.  If this happens, the coaches need to have this in writing from the parent at least three days before the trip.  A parent may not under any circumstances transport a student other than their own.
  • Parents are welcome to drive their own vehicle or take the bus (space permitting) if they are going to a tournament.  The coaches need to know if you will be taking the bus or not so we can plan spacing.
  • Parents carpooling with other parents is also permitted as long as no student is in the vehicle except for the driver’s student.  A student cannot be a passenger in another parent’s vehicle even if their parent is a passenger in that vehicle.  For a student to be in the vehicle, their parent must be the DRIVER.
  • Students may never drive themselves to tournaments.
  • If multiple buses or vehicles are used, the coaches must have a record of who is in what vehicle at all times.  The coaches will assign the bus and the student must stick to the assigned bus.